Jonathan and Fay Abrams
Galleri Urbane, Silver City
Judith and Omar Rane
Fay and Jonathan Abrams
Gallery A
Michael H. and Betty P. Rauch
Peggy Akin
Sheilah P. Garcia and Family
Christine Rickman
Alarm Research
Gerald Peters Gallery
Maura Rico
Charmay Allred
Mr. and Mrs. James H. Gilbert
Rio Bravo Fine Art
Anderson Contemporary Art, Santa Fe
Mrs. Ruben E. Gonzales
William D. Robertson
Don and Sally Anderson
Handsel Gallery
Margaret Robson
Veikko J. Anttila
Ed and Trudy Healy
F. Peter Rose
Atalaya Elementary School
Horwitz, Rachel and Andrew and Family
Polly Rose
Marjorie Atwood
Allan Houser, Inc. and the Houser Family
Polly Rose
James and Susan Baker
Arthur V. Hull, II
Tom, Jeremy and James Rutherford
Ted Berridge
Institute of American Indian Arts
Louise Greeley-Copley and Brian Copley
Margaret H. Biddinger
Senator Timothy Z. and Mrs. Patty Jennings
Gene and Jules Sanchez
Phillip and Yetta Bidegain
Dr. and Mrs. Jerome Harold Kay
Barbara Lucero Sand
Sharon R. Binder
Estate of James M. Keller
Santa Fe Bronze, Inc.
Blankley Gallery
Lores A. Klingbeil
Santa Fe Council for the Arts
Bleiler-Strong, Lyn
David and Gita Kronen
Thomas T. Schattenberg
Gay Block
Michael and Lucy Kuhn
Scheinbaum and Russek Gallery, Santa Fe
Blue Dome Gallery, Silver City
William H. and Lalla D. Landess Trust
Sherman A. and Joyce B. Scott
Blue Rain Gallery
Paul Lauter and Ann Fitzgerald
Drew Setter/The Setter Group
Blueher Abodes, Ltd.
Arlene LewAllen (1941-2002)
Mary Ann Shaening
BNSF Railway Company
LewAllen Contemporary
Leah Shahmoon and Neal H. Stulberg
Steve and Barbara Bova
William G. Loutfy, M.D.
Jeremy and Susan Shamos
John Boyd
Barbara Lucero Sand
Jeremy and Susan Shamos
Ronda and Stanley Breitbard
Helen R. Lucero
Shidoni Foundry
David Burk and Elizabeth Rose
Norma Lumpkins
Shoats & Weaks, Inc.
Estate of John S. Candelario
James and Jeanne Manning
SITE Santa Fe
Canyon Road Contemporary
Mariposa Gallery
Cliff Skoglund
Chiaroscuro Studios, Glenwood
Marjorie L. Fasman Foundation
Patricia Lee Smith
Thomas and Nancy Chisholm
Dr. and Mrs. Markowitz
David H. and Helen B. Smith
Rosa Maria Eliis Clark
Klaudia Marr Gallery
Jacklyn St. Aubyn
Jane and Jerry Clayton
Vicente Martinez
Dian Graves Stai
Phyllis Jane and Jerry B. Clayton
Teodoro Martinez y Salazar
Silvia Steinitzer
Cline Fine Art
Linda McAlister
Lucianna Stermer
Patrick R. Conlin
James and Maryann McCaffery
Grace Sulerud
Copeland Rutherford Fine Arts
Frank McCulloch
Paula Tackett
Robert A. Cotter
Frank and Patricia McCulloch
Michael L. Tansey and Francine Lipsman
Richard J. and Margaret A. Cronin
Barbara Ann McGrew
Waldemar R. and Bonnie Tasch
C. Emery Cuddy, Jr.
Mt. Roeschmore Foundation
Larry Taub
Glenn and Sally Cutter
Munson Gallery
Sarah W. and James B. Taylor
Malka Drucker
Munson Gallery, Santa Fe
The Mandelman-Ribak Foundation
Dr. and Mrs. Stewart Duban
Museum of Fine Arts
Frank and Cecelia Torres
Ed and Pat Ducayet
Museum of Indian Arts and Culture
Cecelia Torres
McDaniel, Dudley
Museum of International Folk Art, Santa Fe
Cecelia and Frank Torres
Frederick Scott Dueser
National New Deal Preservation Association
Sarah and Michael Tyson
H. Reese and Nancy Edwards
Navajo Gallery
Van De Griff Gallery
H. Reese and Nancy Edwards
Nedra Matteucci Gallery
Ventana Fine Art
Eleanor C. Eisenmenger
New Directions Gallery
Tommy and Joey Vigil
El Paso Natural Gas
New Mexico State Armory National Guard
Norbert F. and Angelica Voelkel
Rosa Maria Ellis Clark
Janie C. Oakes
David E. Vogel
Estate of John S. Candelario
Nancy O'Donnell
Robert and Dawn Walker
James A. and Karen E. Evans
Owings Dewey Gallery
Emmett and Kathleen Walling
Don J. Fanslow
Nathaniel and Page Owings
Carol and Robert Warren
Marjorie L. Fasman
Parks Gallery
Richard D. Weedman
Gail Carr Feldman
Patricia Carlisle Fine Art
Charles M. and Shirley F. Weiss
Phillip B. Fleishman
Philanthropic Fund of the Houston Jewish Community Foundation
Joan Marie Wendling
Kathy Flynn
Chope and Virginia Phillips
Western Refinery
Frame of Mind
John and Barabara Phillips
Richard and Margaret Wieland
Alyce and Lawrence Frank
Bev and Martin Pierce
Anita Volz Wien
William A. and Margaret W. Franke
Dave and Sally Polson
Winterowd Fine Art
Friends of Tony Price
Roberta Price
Daniel E. and Christine M. Wolfus
Lynn Fullington
Neysa Pritikin
Nina Woodrow
Charles and Margaret Galbraith
Frank and Joy Purcell
Richard Glen Thompson Worthen
Sidney Gallegos